NAPERVILLE, IL. – February 25, 2010 –The former PolyBrite International, Inc. developer of Borealis LED (Light Emitting
Diode) lamps and lighting systems announced today that The City of Naperville has concluded their 6 month LED
streetlight testing period with up to 60% savings in energy usage. Seven 120 watt Borealis LED streetlights with a
like number of 350 watt HPS (High Pressure Sodium) streetlights were monitored from June 2009 through
January 2010.

The Borealis LED streetlights on loan from the former PolyBrite International were tested along the south side
of Diehl Road between Country Club Boulevard and Fairway Drive. “The successful Borealis LED streetlight
pilot test has saved the City of Naperville in electricity use, in turn saving tax payer dollars,” said Carl Scianna,
President and CEO of the former PolyBrite International. Mr. Scianna further noted, “The test concludes that Borealis LED
streetlights consumed a remarkable average of 57.6% less energy than the HPS streetlights. The goal is to replace
all public lighting with LEDs to significantly reduce electricity use and green house gas emissions…a win-win
situation for our city budgets and for the environment.”

Borealis patented LED technology, used in all Borealis lamps and lighting systems, will reduce the city’s
operating costs, including lower energy usage and reduced maintenance and bulb replacement. The City of
Naperville’s cost saving calculations project an annual GHG (green house gas) savings by 2015 to be 4,739 metric
tons of CO2 ie (Carbon dioxide equivalent) per year and an annual financial savings, by 2015, of at least $500,000
per year once all the streetlights and traffic signal are converted to LED. These estimates are based on a
conservative electricity rate and increases in energy costs would result in higher cost saving.