Borealis Products

A wide variety of products that can solve almost any lighting need.

Indoor Lights

From front office to warehouse, we can enhance productivity and production through better lighting.

Outdoor Lights

Improve safety and viewability of major outdoor areas by simply improving the lighting used.

Street Lights

Improve the safety and enjoyment of street lighting while saving up to 70% of electrical costs.

Specialty Lights

If you have a lighting need, we probably have a solution to solve your requirements, just ask us.


Eco Friendly Construction

We use the latest high tech manufacturing processes the meet or exceed industry standards.


The Newest Technology

Not only did we invent the LED light, we continue to invent and evolve lighting technologies.


Installation Management

Anyone can sell you an LED light, we can also include custom installation and enclosures to solve all of your project needs.

Let’s Shine Bright Together!

Click on the button below the family of products you need.  If you are having trouble finding the exact product you are looking for, please use the contact us form at the bottom of the home page, or use the following methods:

Phone: 630-568-6780

We will return your call or respond to your email with 1 business day.  We look forward to working with you!